Spring Clean Like A Pro

Who doesn’t love the idea of a good spring clean? Chucking out all your junk, a beautifully organised, clean, delicious smelling home.

But oh….. where to start this mammoth task??? And it never seems to last. Believe me, I have 3 boys (and a husband), so I get my fair share of grubby fingers, muddy shoes and socks just left all over the place (how many feet do they have)?

Ok, the best way is to break it down. Tackle 1 room at a time. I like to start in the kitchen. That’s where I seem to spend most of my life so why shouldn’t I have a clean, sparkly kitchen.

Right, crank up some good music (try this playlist!). The oven… Arrrggg. Yes, it sucks. You could pay about $60 to get it professionally cleaned or just suck it up and do it yourself (spend the money on something nice for the house). Give it a good spray and leave it to work some magic while you get on with something else. Top tip: A dishwasher tablet rubbed on the glass door can work wonders.

Drawers – get the vacuum handy so you can suck up all the crumbs and bits that are in there. Sort out that junk drawer. I love a junk drawer. They keep my benchtop clear. There is nothing more annoying than everyone coming in and dumping all their crap on my lovely clear bench! Sorry, back to that drawer. If somethings been in there for a few months, chuck it. Get that drawer organised too. Put some containers in the for pens, lip gloss, creams etc. I just use our old take away containers (good excuse for some Indian tonight).

Fridge – if its out of date biff it! If you didn’t eat it while its in date, you aren’t going to eat it out of date are you? Give all the shelves a good wipe down with warm water. Now you’ll probably need to do a food shop because your fridge is empty!

Give all your cupboard/drawer doors a good wipe down. Don’t forget those sticky handles and the inside top edge.

Starting to look a bit shiny? Probably time to get back to use a bit of elbow grease and get into that oven (another good excuse for some takeaways so you don’t get your oven dirty)!!

Ok, nearly there. Give the bench tops a wipe down, vacuum and mop the floors. Now pour yourself a wine, sit down and decide what to spend that oven cleaning money on. You deserve something nice!

Next week we’ll tackle the pantry.  🙂

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